Bible school

For the last 2 years we have presented the courses of the ISDD-Bible school 2 times a month, always Friday from 18:00 to 21:00 You can begin any time.
The international school of service was founded by Berin Gillfilan to train each christian in their own language in the place were he or she lives to serve in the right way. After a development of 3 years, in 1998 the first ISDD Bible school was founded in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Since then more than 1500 students have received their diploma and finished the school.

ISDD Bibleschool

The ISDD -Bible school should help communities in an affordable way to train Christians to serve in the church and also in everyday life. Meanwhile ISDD is worldwide the biggest multimedia Bible school with over 200,000 students. These students are from 145 nations and study in 60 different languages. ISDD consists out of 40 courses, which are taught by 30 international well known leaders and are shown via video. All of these courses are taught in 2 languages which is English and a second language.

The biggest problem in the body of Christ in Europe is how to train spiritually mature Christians and followers of Jesus in a way so that they can follow Him in everything He has taught (Math. 28,19) Therefore ISDD Bible school has the goal of making churches to be training centers of service in which the teaching of Christ is realized.

Plus-points of this school

  • Complete training in 3 dimensions:
    • bible knowledge
    • character
    • service
  •  A training program for the local community,
  • very affordable: Only 70 Euro for each student for each semester,
  • more than 30 internationally recognized teachers.
  • the life of Christians are changed.

Practical training with mentoring structure, with the help of studies in a group and home exercises.

Comments of teachers of the bibleschool

“The possibility to train thousands of new leaders worldwide with the help of ISDD courses is great. We believe in this vision and support it with all our hearts.”

Joyce MeyerPreacher and author

“I believe that the vision for ISDD bible schools is from God. These courses of instruction will activate the people of god worldwide and make them ready to act like never before.”

Reinhard BonnkeEvangelist

“There is a great need to bring good bible teaching to the folks of this world. The ISDD teaching plan has the potential to send many well trained Christians to the harvest fields of their countries.”

Bayless ConleyPastor

“The development of the ISDD teaching plan belongs is one of the most important things which take place today in the kingdom of God.”

L. OsbornEvangelist