Our Values

There are some things that are particularly important and valuable to us, these are our values! Here are 7 of our most important values!

We are...

…transparent and open

Openness and transparency are very important to us. We want to be an open, free and transparent congregation. That means that all people are warmly welcome regardless their background. We speak about what is important to us in an open and transparent way. Transparency leads to trust. Therefore, all congregation members are informed about all the congregation’s concerns.

… welcoming people of all ages

We want old and young to find their place in our congregation! We want to take care of each other and respect the interests and needs of the different age groups. We are happy to complement each other. In our congregation there are various offers for different age groups.

…relevant for society

As Christians, we are called to influence our environment. This is not only done by preaching the Gospel but also by shaping society and standing by clear values. We are socially active by helping people who need support.

…up to date

Each generation is called to shape the present culture actively. Christians are not of this world but they live in this world. That’s why we use music styles, event concepts, modern techniques etc. in a contemporary way in order to spread the Gospel. We want to shape the culture of our time.


People from all parts of the world and different countries are welcome in our congregation. That means that we appreciate people from all nations no matter what cultural background and that they can find their spiritual home here. Mutual respect for diversity is very important to us as well as offering the necessary help to understand the Austrian culture.


Each person is an individual with their own characteristics. Mutual respect in our congregation and in our environment is an expression of the love of Jesus. We don‘t want to exclude people but we want to win them for Jesus. But we also want to acknowledge the variety in the congregation and to deal with it in a constructive way.


We are a warm-hearted congregation who wants all people to feel welcome. This principle is also valid for all the cooperation in our congregation. When people work together closely, disagreements might occur. That’s why it is necessary to be ready to forgive each other.