Recognized “Freikirchen in Österreich”

As an association and together with other Christians, the "Freikirchen in Österreich" want to take responsibility for society and bring their values into society. The highest priority is to communicate Christian faith in a timely and understandable manner and to show its enrichment for the life and coexistence of people.

Publicly Recognized

The "Freikirchen in Österreich" became fully recognized as a public church by the Austrian government in 2013. The "Freikirchen in Österreich" are a combination of 5 churches with 160 congregations. Members of this group are the Union of the Baptist Churches, Union of the Evangelical Churches, Elaia Churches, Mennonites, and the Free Pentecostal Churches, which we belong to.

Free Churches

This new church is the latest of 16 acknowledged churches in Austria. For more information