Our Church

We are a free church in the heart of Graz. In an authentic way, we want to pass on what we experienced through Jesus Christ. God is still alive today!


The free pentecostal church consists of people who want to live a life with Jesus Christ as it is written in the bible. We freely give to the support of the church ministries.


The word „christian“ does not mean a special denomination but goes back to the person of Jesus Christ. He was resurected from the dead and is still alive. He changed our lives (and is still working on us). We want to tell other people we meet in our everyday lives about this Jesus.


Church means coming together. We desire good relationships. We want to have time for each other and experience together the presence of God. Because we know that there are many other Christians in our town, in our country and on this earth we enjoy meeting and fellowship with all who have Jesus in the center of their lives.


Our community belongs to the world wide pentecostal movement with more than 500 million members. In Austria the alliance of the pentecostal church consists of 70 churches. Some are just starting. Additionally we belong to the alliance of the „Free churches in Austria“ and are recognized by the government. The alliance of free churches consists of 160 churches in Austria.