Every child is unique!

All children are welcome. They are very important to us. Each Sunday during the Sunday service there is a special program for our children. At 9:30 there is a special service for children. At 11:30, there is a program for kids, if needed.

Different Groups

In different groups children listen to biblical stories. The co-workers use creative means so that groups in different age can learn. It is very important for us that the children get to know Jesus as their personal friend and even can have a personal relationship with Him. Fun, play, relationships and humor are very important in this program. Currently we have 2 different groups for our youngsters: the clue finders and the compasses.


Children up to 3 years

Children up to 3 years can play with their mamas and papas in a special room, where the parents can follow the preaching over a monitor.

Clue finders

For the age of 3 to 8 years:

In this group the children are welcomed with a short , rhythmical song. After that, they hear a biblical story shown in a very active way, so they can understand God´s word. Of course there is enough time to play and move around. Also this group regularly takes a bible verse home with them, which they can read during the week.


For children from 8 to 12 years:

They start together with the „clue finders“ with a short , rhythmical worship song. Then different themes out of the bible are explained and discussed. It is very important that the kids get to know Jesus in their daily life and know that He is always with them. We ask them to bring their own bible and to read it also during the week. So they experience God speaking to them through His word. There is also time for fun and games.

Many more activities ...

In addition, there are always different actions for children. For example: children's summer camp, Lego City, excursions, Christmas musical, nights, summer festivals, waffles, etc ...
Children's Ministry Responsible: Iryna Vodzyanska